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Sabrina Salerno

Sabrina Salerno is one of famous singer, model, actress, television hostess and record producer from Italy. Sabrina Salerno was born on 15 March 1968, in Genoa, Italy. Her album has sold over 10...

Salma Hayek

If you are curious about gorgeous beautiful body shaped, look at Salma Hayek. This woman is one of actresses who have a stunning hourglass body shaped. Cup D feature the full and firm breast which is...

Samaire Armstrong

Samaire Armstrong entered into entertainment industry through Parody Not Another Teen Movie in 2001. She played many movies since 13 years ago, such as Would I Lie to You?, Gramercy Park and Trash,...

Samantha Barks

Samantha Barks is a British actress and singer who was born on 2 October 1990. Her career began since she released her first debut album entitle "Looking in Your Eyes". Besides, Samantha...

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock is well known as American actress and producer. Her hot figure may be one of her charisma that led her to be famous one. Although she simply crosses her 40 years old, her face still...

Sara Evans

Sara Evans is a country singer who was born in Boonville, Missouri, United States on 5 February 1971. She has issued miraculous albums during her career as a singer. Sara Evans has 34-26-35 of body...

Sara Rue

Sara Rue is an actress from America who got sexy measurements after hard diet. Before diet she had measurements 40-29-38 inches (102-74-97 cm) with 36D of her bra size after diet she has measurements...

Sarah Chalke

This Canadian model is already famous with some rumors that often widespread. Not only famous as a model, she was already starred in several films. If you still do not know her at all, maybe you will...

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland is a young actress from America who known for her role in ABC sitcom "Modern Family" as "Haley Dunphy". This young lady who was born on November 24, 1990 has...

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker feels so glad to what she reaches. She appears as famous actress and procedures at all. Her figure has begun to be famous after she starred Sex and The City. This film brought her...

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