Cameron Diaz Bra Size and Measurements

Cameron Diaz has a bra size of 34A and measurements of 34-23-35.
Everybody may know her as the sexy and hot actress ever, Cameron Diaz. Her best known role in Charlie's Angel brought her to be the famous actress. Looks so beautiful and flawless in every moment made her to have the fanatic fans around the world. Actually, this 40 years old lady has the perfect measurement body shaped with 34B bra size. Before she became a famous actress, Diaz herself was ever plunged in modeling world.
This actress actually got her breast implants to improve her looks at all. Looked her new boobs, it was so different from the old one. She is known to go under the knife surgery. As the result, her old size which was 34A went to 34B now. The difference looked when she went to Hawaii a couple years ago. In her tiny bikini, the boob was seen so fuller and bigger than previous time. The speculation has spread to respond this changing.Did not want to let the widespread rumors much longer, Diaz confirm it through National Enquirer. She admitted that she has had the breast implant to boost her breast size at all. The plastic surgeon, Dr. Yuon gave his opinion around Diaz's breast augmentation. He said that, 'I believe she has had a breast augmentation using relatively small silicone implants. Since swelling can take severely weeks to settle down, I suspect she had the surgery at least two or three weeks ago.' As the conclusion, this banana body typed actress has had the breast implants to improve her new boobs. Cameron Diaz is a beautiful actress who has hot body and gorgeous measurements. She looks hot and beautiful although she has small breast size. She has slim waist, hips and nice flat belly. The sources prove that her measurements are 34-23-35 inches (86-58-89 cm). Slim figure and tall body are making her appearance looks hot. Actually she has 5'9? (175cm) for height and 119 pounds (54 kg) for weight. She does not improve her breast by surgery although she has small boob size.
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Cameron Diaz

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