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Connie Britton Bra Size and Measurements

Connie Britton has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-25-35.
Connie Britton is very popular for her acting of a comedy series as Nikki Faber since 1996 for four years and many other television dramas. She started to appear in a film since 1996 and now she had been appeared in more than 20 films, 14 television series since 1995 and included in more than 13 nominations of many notable awards since 2007. Beyond, she also has two albums of The Music of Nashvilleand two singles with the same title recorded in this late two years.
She married John Britton and his last name is used for Connie's stage name. They live in Manhattan and divorced in 1995. She has an adopted son named Eyob Britton who is Ethiopian baby. She was interested in foreign language so she attended Chinese class in college and the result was not better than her singing talent.Connie Britton measurements are 37-25-35 inchen. It proving us that Connie has slim waist and large boob that support her perform. Beside, Connie Britton looks ideal with tall body and slim body. Connie Britton height is 5'8? (173cm) and her weight is 122 pounds (55kg). Actually she loves her body and keeps it sexy in her age.
Connie Britton

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