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Denise Richards Bra Size and Measurements

Denise Richards has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-24-34.
Denise Richards is a beautiful American actress who becomes sexy fashion model. She is widely popular since 1986 up to now. Her existence in modeling is due to hot body shape that she has. Denise Richards has fascinating body shape which is categorized into athletic body. Body measurements of Denise Richards are 37- 24- 34.Based on these measurements we can see that her breasts size 37 inches. This size is not too large. Her hips are regarded as narrow hips but it is perfect with her slim waist in only 24 inches. A part of Denise Richards's body that mostly indicates athletic figure is her wide shoulder. Surely, Denise Richards knows how to select nice swimsuit in order not to make her shoulder looks wider. If she goes to fitness frequently, her figure will be too manly. Denise Richards apparently take breast implants to boost breast size till 37 inches.
Now, she seems more attractive with larger breasts that are only compatible with bra in 34C. Denise Richards needs to be professional model by controlling weight in standard level. With weight 124 pounds, she is still qualified to be supermodel. Her body measurements and weight are compatible with height 168 cm. it is standard height for a model. To enhance her sex appeal, she chooses right shoes in 7.5 feet size.
Denise Richards

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