Anna Wood Bra Size and Measurements

Anna Wood has a bra size of 32AA and measurements of 32-24-35.
Anna Wood is a sexy and beautiful actress from America, popular with her role in soap opera Deception. Besides her beautiful face, she also has attractive body measurements and petite figure. Her measurements are perfect with 32-24-35 inches (81-61-89 cm). She has small breast, slim waist, and round hips.
The media report that she has 32AA bra size. Her petite figure look nice with her small breast and look sexy. Wood's figure called banana body shape and look natural. This Dane DeHaan's wife has ideal height 5'6? (168 cm) and weight 112 lbs (51 kg). Her appearance look more complete with beautiful and long legs combined with flat stomach.In addition, this lady who has 2 of dress size rumored has breast implants. Some sources believe that her breast is done by breast surgery. But there are no details information about the rumor. Whatever size she has, she look sexy and beautiful with that measurements and her appearance is always make a lot of people impress.
Anna Wood

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