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Eva Green Bra Size and Measurements

Eva Green has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-24-35.
Eva Green is one of sexy actresses who has the feeling like "the ugly duckling" in group of Hollywood actresses. In fact, she looks very beautiful in every simple outfit that she wore. Eva has perfect body measurements with 36C for breast size. Cup C has been turned out as the result of breast implants that had done. Breast implants may not indeed a taboo thing among the world celebrities.
This 33 years actress is also well known for her sensational scene in the film "The Dreamers" which is directed by Bernardo Bertolucci and booming as the controversial film. As reported by Starpulse, Eva was asked to do the several nude scenes to get the storyline of this film. Lately, this beautiful woman also appeared in several adult magazines with her seduce pose. It was not wrong, if Eva has body measurement that is categorized to hourglass body shaped.This beautiful woman began to famous through her ??roles in some movies, like The Golden Compass, Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp and The Casino Royale as a Bond girl. Back to breast implants which are made ??by Eva, this woman is like Hollywood celebrities in common. She did not want to confirm the rumors surrounding the breast augmentation that she had done. In fact, on several occasions her breast size looks sexier than before. At least, she simply tries to take away from cosmetic surgery to make her face over.
Eva Green

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