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Fran Drescher Bra Size and Measurements

Fran Drescher has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-26-35.
Have you ever watched American TV series the Nanny? You must be familiar with Fran Drescher who played a role in the Nanny. After appeared in the Nanny, Fran Drescher becomes popular. She is an actress comedian and producer with unique nasal voice and attractive laughter. Not only funny facial expressions and laughter but also sexy body measurement leads people interested in her. The fifty six years old actress is gifted with perfect figure size 37-26-35 inches. With height in 2'5 inches, she gets proportional body shape that other women adore.Fren Drescher does not apply any plastic surgery or breast augmentation. Her large breasts drives people assume that she takes breast augmentation. But in fact, her large breasts are really natural. She wears appropriate bra in 34 C to adjust her large breast. The American comedian keeps weight in proportional scale, 140 pounds. Recently she follows gluten free diet to optimize her ideal body shape. This diet successfully decreases her weight up to 15 pounds. Fran admits that she has tried hard to be slim in healthy ways. She was overweight in several years ago but she kept feel confident. Fren Drescher thinks that as long as she comforts with her appearance, she feels sexy and attractive always. Finally she can change the overweight to be normal again with gluten free diet.
Fran Drescher

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