Jayne Mansfield Bra Size and Measurements

Jayne Mansfield has a bra size of 36D and measurements of 40-21-35.
Vera Jayne Palmer is popular with her professional name Jayne Mansfield. Her name becomes famous in 1950s and early 1960s as a sex symbol and playboy playmates. This sensational woman had incredible measurements and large breast size. That's why people called her as a hot actress ever. You might compare with Marilyn Monroe. They both were sex symbols in 20century.Actually, Jayne Mansfield had 40-21-35 inches (102-53-89cm) of her measurements and 36D of her bra size. For the information, her boob was grown naturally without implants. Besides, her figure was supported with her slim waist, wide hips and flat stomach. In addition Jayne Mansfield has height 5'6? (168cm) and there is no clear information about her weight.
Jayne Mansfield

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