Jennifer Lopez Bra Size and Measurements

Jennifer Lopez has a bra size of 34B and measurements of 34-26-38.
There's no surprise if there are rumors spread out about Jennifer Lopez's implants or plastic surgeries because of her buttocks and breasts show what our social call it as attractive. Her measurement is 34C - 26 -38 and she didn't do any implants for her breast or buttocks. Source from standard.co.uk, it was said that Jennifer Lopez gave significant effect in higher implants demand within her career years. The quote: "plastic surgeons say they are experiencing a huge increase in orders for bigger bottoms". Regardless that she did surgery or not, she did affect the butt and breast demand. To be noted, her breasts are real. Here is her opinion due to the rumors."If people want to get enhancements here and there and little shots or whatever... I don't do it". So it seems very clear that her whole wonderful body is real. She got that wonderful body, even after her second baby, without any pain. She a little bit pushed herself to enhance her body in gym and never ending routine workout. Now this is reasonable why her body is amazing. Her effort to workout is the key.
In addition, Jennifer always looks energetic when she dance and sing on the stage. Of course her great performs is support by her ideal body measurement. She performs become more perfect with her height 5'5? (164cm) and her weight 121 pounds (55 kg). People always wait her appearance on TV.
Jennifer Lopez

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