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Jessica Gomes Bra Size and Measurements

Jessica Gomes has a bra size of 32C and measurements of 35-25.5-36.
Jessica Gomes was born in Perth, Australia on 25 September 1985. Her carrier as a model is fantastic. Many people have known her as a hot model from Australia, and she has many fans around the world. Jessica Gomes has beautiful face and ideal body measurement. She has body measurements that are 35-25.5-36. And her bra size is 32C. It is ideal body for a model like her, because models have to need sexy body.Jessica Gomes did not want to do breast implant likes other actress around the world. She thanks for what she has now. Besides her large breast. Jessica Gomes also has proportional body size with height 177cm and weight 59kg. It is size which woman needs for their beauty.
Jessica Gomes

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