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Jolene Blalock Bra Size and Measurements

Jolene Blalock has a bra size of 32C and measurements of 35-23-35.
Jolene Blalock is one of the actresses in the movie Star Trek Enterprise. This woman include in charts of glamorous actress and model in Hollywood. Her ideal body size still remains a hot topic in the community. A lot of people are curious about the bra size of this beautiful model quite often. The 34C bra embeds on her plump and perky breasts. Some facts prove that Jolene was doing breast implants to get such large breasts. No doubt that her breasts look much bigger than the previous time. It still looks beautiful breasts supported firmly without a bra wears of it. She claimed that she had some plastic surgeries to beautify herself.Since she was 17 years, Jolene left home to spread her wings in the modeling field. Until now, she has been posed for famous magazines, begin from Playboy to Maxim. Even, a couple of times had been appeared in FHM, this magazine named Jolene into the 10th sexiest woman in the world which poll in 2005. Jolene decision to leave home did not wrong, now she is able to prove that her ability gives her desire result. Due to a series of her efforts, Jolene has now starred in several famous films such as Stargate and Starships Troopers. This California-born artist actually the dog lovers, even she had appeared in a cover of famous animals magazine, K9 magazine. It is a British magazine which gives the occasion to the dog lovers for sharing.
Jolene Blalock

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