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Judy Landers Bra Size and Measurements

Judy Landers has a bra size of 36C and measurements of 36-25-35.
Judy Landers is a senior actress who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This actress who raised in Rockland County, New York has incredible body measurements. Her measurements are 36-25-35. She played in several movies such as Stewardess School (1986), Armed and Dangerous (1986) and much more. She has bra size 36C, it is large size and makes her figure look hot and sexy.There are no sources said about her breast implant. But not few people said that she did breast surgery. It is not the important thing to be debated, but people should know her great career as an actress. Judy feels comfort with that size and she looks hot in front of camera.
Judy Landers

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