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Julie Banderas Bra Size and Measurements

Julie Banderas has a bra size of 34B and measurements of 36-26-38.
Julie Banderas is known as pretty news correspondent for certain channel in America. Why are people interested in her? She is hottest correspondent who has perfect figure with ideal measurements 36-26-38 inches. She looks gorgeous with small waists, big hips and big bust. Many people adore her hot body shape. Her curvaceous body shape and pretty face enhances her successful career. Her slim belly sticks out her big bust so she looks attractive and hot.
Julie Banderas who marries to Andrew J. Sansone becomes iconic woman with hot legs. Her legs belong to most attractive parts of her body. It makes sense why people regard Julie Banderas as hot news correspondent in America. Moreover, her 36 inches big bust makes her figure look sexier. To cover her big bust, she chooses 34B sized bra. She does not get boobs job to increase her bust volume. Her natural breasts and sexy legs are most adorable parts of her figure.Apparently, Julie Banderas is not tall enough since her height is only 165 cm. But she has great body measurements that match her height. The excellent woman born on 25 September, 1973 seems elegant in 8 sized dresses. She works hard to maintain her slim figure. She has ideal weight in 60 kg that is appropriate to her height 165 cm. with nice body measurements and hot legs, Julie Banderas gets everyone admires her so much.
Julie Banderas

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