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Katie Couric Bra Size and Measurements

Katie Couric has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-27.5-38.
Katie Couric is not young anymore, because she crossed her age at 56. Fortunately, she looks youthful in her actual age. Her youthful appearance invited many people to impress her beautiful face at all. Actually, she has 34C of her breast size. It makes people interest to look at her breast and it is not natural overall.
Actually, Katie has breast implant to enhance her boob. Not only the breast implant, but she is known to undergo the plastic surgery. This treatment is fit to modify her appearance indeed. As we know, Katie is one of American reporters who become the paparazzi chase. She has the perfect body measurement to support her big boob. Actually, her body measurement has been 27 and 34 for the waist and hips size. Her eye-catching appearance impressed many people to idolize her during her career.Back to her plastic surgery, this rumor has spread for some years ago. At least, she reported to have botox injection around her forehead. This way was chosen by her to lose the wrinkles. As the result, she got her smooth and beautiful face overall. There is no aging sign that show her actual age. She still looks incredible in her age. Nobody says that she looks old and bad in her appearance. We do not know how can she looks like her 20 age? It can be the proof of her plastic surgery at all. Katie Couric is a famous American journalist and host who born with full name Katherine Anne "Katie" Couric. This lady is 57 years old, but her appearance could make many people impressed. She has attractive body measurements that are 37-27.5-38 inches (94-70-97 cm). She has wide shoulders and large bra size. She did not have some plastic surgery. Moreover, Katie Couric has short body with 5'1? (154 cm) of height and 130 lbs (59 kg) of weight.
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Katie Couric

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