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Kendra Wilkinson Bra Size and Measurements

Kendra Wilkinson has a bra size of 34D and measurements of 38-25-36.
Her figure is known as one of glamor model who was endowed hot body size. Kendra may be one of women who feel so grateful to have her perfect body measurements that are 34-24-32. It helps her to enter modeling industry in her first debut. She even attracted people attention for long time. There is no reason to stay away from her charisma. Honestly, she has 34C before underwent breast implant. It changes right now, she get her 34E actually.
How voluptuous it is! Kendra's boob looks rounder on her curvy body. The boob job is not secret anymore, because everybody has known that she has done boob job some years ago. She simply felt to improve her appearance in front of public. As she said in one interview that Playboy did not lead her to undergo this treatment at all. Actually, we just says that Kendra looks sexiest than before. She does not need to do any surgical treatment to enhance her beautiful looks.Other surgery has just done after her first pregnancy. Some rumors have spread around her breast reduction. Yes, Kendra felt that her boob grew up from day by day. Finally, she decided to visit Dr. Kim's office in Beverly Hills. She consulted her lip and breast reduction procedures. Unfortunately, this model did not want to reveal her breast reduction to public. Kendra simply tried to cover this rumor on her joke statement in the limelight. We do not know whether she has done her breast reduction or not. In the fact, her boob still looks so great in her curvy body shaped.
Kendra Wilkinson

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