Kesha Bra Size and Measurements

Kesha has a bra size of 34B and measurements of 36-28-36.
Melodious voice and powerful, Kesha actually put away the other side of her life. This 26 years woman has been make over her body repeatedly to look more stunning than before. Thorough, Kesha has had breast implants to plastic surgery. At least, this woman has done breast augmentation, nose job, brow lift, botox injection to liposuction. As a result, these talented singers got perfect body measurements are 34B - 28-36. One of Miami plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer said that, "I think Kesha has had a breast augmentation, botox and a rhinoplasty. The most dramatic part of her make over is not surgical though -her makeup and wardrobe. She looks good and her surgery does not appear overdone." When Kesha attended AMFAR event in 2011, her dress was unable to hide liposuction scars on her upper high. Surely, this is targeted by the media cameras to be memorialized. Kesha also be regarded as an artist who does not had a real nice butt. Her butt looks too small, so is bad at look. However, sometimes ago her different appearance looks so great with the butt looked fuller than before. This evidence proves that Kesha has been done a series of plastic surgery to repair her beautiful body.Plastic surgery is never confirmed by Kesha herself. Just like a Hollywood actress, this woman still denied allegedly around her breast augmentation and plastic surgery. However, the truth comes from a Plastic Facial and Reconstructive Surgeon and Rhinoplasty Specialist, Dr. Paul S. Nassif from Beverly Hills who said that, "Kesha does not appear to have had any major work performed to her face. She is still very young, and any difference in recent photos appears to be the result of an overall makeover. She would not benefit from any work at this time."

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