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Kim Zolciak Bra Size and Measurements

Kim Zolciak has a bra size of 36DD and measurements of 41-29-39.
Kim Zolciak, the cute TV Personality and singer who has appeared on TV series leads everybody mesmerized since she has adorable body measurement. She looks pretty with curvaceous body shape in 41-29-39 inches. Her 41 inches boobs are categorized into big sized breasts. Moreover, her sexy big hips in 39 inches boost her sex appeal. Slim waist in 29 inches makes perfect her figure. All men are certainly interested in women with big hips and boobs like Kim Zolciak's. Her hourglass figure is really fascinating since she maintains it well.
Kim Zolciak's big bust is her sexiest part of body that makes her fans mesmerized. Some of them assume that the beautiful actress has breast implants. But in fact, Kim Zolciak never gets plastic surgery including boob job. Her big bust grows naturally without implants. She needs special bra in 36DD that is compatible with her big boobs.Kim Zolciak, the hot singer who recently tends to focus on household matter always prioritizes her sex appeal because it belongs to important thing that enhances her career in entertainment. After she gave birth last year, she became fat. Then, she successfully lost weight 30 lbs. now, she gets ideal weight 155 lbs that matches her height in 175 cm. her shoe size is quite large with 8.5 feet size.
Kim Zolciak

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