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Laura Ramsey Bra Size and Measurements

Laura Ramsey has a bra size of 34B and measurements of 34-25-35.
Laura has discovered when she worked at a restaurant. Actually, she decides to join the audition in the next day. Her effort has born the golden result to her. She passed the audition and starred a cast in documentary that was The Real Cancun. Her beautiful look attracted public attention to her soon. She thanks to God to give her the perfect body measurement.
Honestly, she has 34B of bra size to support her appearance. It is not so big at all, but her boob looks so fit in her body size. There does not overdo overall. Many people accused that she has had the breast implant to improve her appearance in the limelight, but It is just a rumor. She did not undergo the breast implant. Laura even refuses to run under the knife surgery as other celebrities have done. Her breast implant is responded as disgusting gossip that want to ruin her career. This singer is simply so calm to pass this problem.Her name booming through her role in many movies, such as She's The Man, The Days, and Whatever Lolo Wants. She able to make everyone loves her very much. Who can refuse her beautiful face in cameras? Laura always appears as a good girl with good attitude. However, the bad rumor always comes to other celebrities. They must be patient to respond the bad rumor during their career, although the rumor is not true overall. It happens to Laura, she has already to cover the rumor in her own way. She did not want to refuse it openly. Laura Ramsey is an actress from America who best known for her role in "She's the Man" as "Olivia" and "Stacy" in the film "The Ruins". She born in Brandon, Wisconsin, Laura Ramsey grew as a beautiful actress with ideal body measurements with nice breast. She has measurements 34-25-35. She has slim waist, flat stomach and wide hips. Moreover, Laura Ramsey has ideal figure with 163cm for her height and 50kg for her weight.
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Laura Ramsey

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