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Leigh-Allyn Baker Bra Size and Measurements

Leigh-Allyn Baker has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-25-36.
Leigh-Allyn Baker was born in Kentucky, USA on 3 April 1972. She became famous since playing in the movie "Charmed" as Hannah Webster, she also a director. This beautiful actress has a perfect body measurement like other actress, her measurements are 34-25-37 and her bra size is 34C, it is ideal body measurement for an actress like her.There is no report said that she has breast implants. She was not minded to perform plastic surgery on her breasts like most other artists, she has no reason to perform breast surgery and it is not necessary to do. She already has a body measurement that is attractive as other artists. 155cm is her height and 58kg is her weight. The ideal size is enough for a woman, and she still looks sexy with her ??appearance.
Leigh-Allyn Baker

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