Liv Tyler Bra Size and Measurements

Liv Tyler has a bra size of 34B and measurements of 36-25-34.
Everybody who ever watched Armageddon might not be strange to Liv Tyler. She is one of actresses who starred in that movie. Liv rose famous for her role in many movies, such as The Strangers, The Incredible Hulk, and Cookie's Fortune. Surely, this lady has the attractive body shaped that is 36B - 26 - 34. There is no proof that Liv takes breast implant or augmentation at all. She still tends her natural boob size in her way.
Liv was born as Tyler's daughter who has started her career at 14. If she has not undergone breast implant, she will rumor to do the plastic surgery. Some media told to us that she has lip injection. Her new lips looked fuller than the other one. Some people say that it is too big to her. As the result, she got the upper lips to appear unnatural. After her giving birth, Liv wanted to do the plastic surgery. As she confirmed in Allure's interview for July edition," I'm definitely going to have some. Especially when you see what happens to your body after you have a baby."Luckily, the widespread rumors around lip injection have broken by plastic surgeon. They said that Liv has the best genes. Her father inherited the incredible lip shaped to Liv. It was the reason why her lip looks so different and unnatural. In one interviewed, she felt so sad to see the other women who have undergone cosmetic surgery. They look so creepy in their own way, as she confessed.
Liv Tyler

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