Markie Post Bra Size and Measurements

Markie Post has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-23-35.
Marjorie Armstrong "Markie" Post better known as her professional name Markie Post. She is a senior actress from America who was born on November 4, 1950. Many people have known her role in "The Fall Guy" as bail bonds woman Terri Michaels. Markie played in several films during her career. People know that she has sexy measurement although her age is not young anymore.Markie Post has attractive body measurements with large bra size is 36C. There are no rumors said that she did breast implant. Of course it is a large size for women. Just few women have C cup which grew naturally. You might see her perfect body figure on the TV. Born Marjorie Armstrong "Markie" in Palo Alto, California 63 years ago than many people known her popular name Markie Post. Markie Post is one of senior actresses who look sexy in the old with her measurements 36-24-36 and large breast size. She has wide shoulders and slim waist with large boob size and medium body size for 5' 6" (167cm) for her height and 106 lb (48 kg) for her weight. In addition, Markie has two daughter named Katie Ross and Daisy Ross.
Markie Post

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