Melissa Rauch Bra Size and Measurements

Melissa Rauch has a bra size of 36C and measurements of 36-27-35.
Melissa Rauch is a comedian with a pretty face and a sexy body. Many people began to know her name since she was acting as Bernadette Rostenkowski - Wolowitz. She still quite young, many people think that she could get a lot of achievements in her career one day. Melissa Rauch has a nice body and a lot of women who know her must be wanted to be like her.Melissa Rauch has attractive body measurements and large breast size that is 36C, it is large enough size for a woman of her age. Her body is not too high, but she just has a 153cm height and 59kg weight. But she still looks hot with his performance, even everyone will surely notice. Melissa Rauch is a young talent actress from America who has sexy body measurements. Melissa Rauch measurements are 36-27-35 inches (91-69-89 cm). She is one of women who have ideal body figure which almost perfect. Although Melissa has short body, but it covered by her slim waist and large boob size. Melissa height is 5'0? (152cm) and her weight is 130 pounds (59 kg). it is not her big problem, because she looks sexy with her body size.
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Melissa Rauch

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