Misa Campo Bra Size and Measurements

Misa Campo has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 34-24-34.
Misa Campo, the Canadian model has amazing breast size, 34C. She is 27 in January 22nd, and her career in the modeling world could not doubt. This woman believed to get breast implants for the ideal shape of her breasts. Unfortunately, there are no relevant facts that explain it clearly. Certainly, Misa can do her breast implant when she was a barmaid in Montreal. The bra size of this girl was just B at 19. Until she decided to do a breast implant and get a C for her new bra size. That is the proof why her bra size looks bigger than the girl in her age. Moreover, Misa looked more beautiful without her breast implants actually. Her breast implant can said success at all, caused many people said that it was natural.When she decided to do the breast implant, Misa still be a barmaid who looks so stunning. She worked at 'Jet and System' nightclub in Montreal. Her ability to mix drinks made her too famous as chosen bartender in Montreal. From here, she finally spread her wings in the modeling field. Due to the support from her boss, Misa was willing to follow the photo session finally. Began from this photo session, she knows the world of modeling at all. In 2006, Misa made a quite splash to the world to present as a model on the cover of D'Sport Magazine. This appearance brought her own nicknames to new brand as 'Miss Hot Import Nights New York 2006'.
Misa Campo

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