Missy Peregrym Bra Size and Measurements

Missy Peregrym has a bra size of 32C and measurements of 35-25-35.
Missy Peregrym measurements belong to favorite topic to discuss. Her body measurements are as good as her face. Missy Peregrym, the glamorous actress who has side job as fashion model grows with body measurements 35-25-35 inches. The pretty actress has joined in modeling because her tall figure and proportional body measurements are qualified. She is one of attractive fashion model with athletic body shape. We can call it as banana shaped body characterized with wide shoulder, small hips, and medium sized bust.
As we talk about her measurements, most essential thing to involve is her bra size. Everybody knows that Missy Peregrym has hot body shape with lovely boobs. But not all of them know her precise bra size. Her boob size is 35 inches look quite big. Absolutely, her boobs are very compatible with her flat belly and tall figure. She has no boob job since her natural bust is very appealing. To cover her lovely medium sized boobs, she uses 32C sized bra.Her measurements can be seen clearly as she poses in sexy outfit. Sometimes she poses wearing lingerie only that makes her boobs seem firm. In addition, the transparent outfit reveals her beautiful body shape obviously. She has height in 166 cm. her weight 132 lbs is very proportional with her height.
Missy Peregrym

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