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Natalie Wood Bra Size and Measurements

Natalie Wood has a bra size of 32B and measurements of 34-23-35.
This beautiful actress was one of Hollywood actresses who has won third times Academy Award during her lifetime. Unfortunately, Natalie should dead at 43 years old. Has American pure-blooded, Wood has blessed the ideal body measurements which were 32B - 22-33. It was not wrong if she was categorized as one of slender and hourglass women ever. The size of her breasts might not so attractive, but her measurement was quite capable to make anyone so amazed.
Started her first debut at just 5 years, Wood never got rumors around breast implants or breast augmentation as well. To make sure all of community, this gorgeous woman has natural breasts which were untouched by knife surgery in the slightest. Besides that, this lady also looked stunning to wear every cut low dresses while attended some prestigious event.The mystery of her death has not been revealed after 30 years passed. Lately, the news around her death spread again. Some witnesses verify that her husband is the reason why Wood was dead at the yacht. Robert Wagner is known to push this perfect lady deliberately when they joint in the voyage. This Hollywood actress was found dead and drowned at that time. Her husband rejected the offer of cabin to call coast guard. Before this moment, they heard that this couple fights. Her death instantly reaped many responses from the public. This is caused Wood was included as sexy and perfect actress who was loved by her fans. Sexy, slim and voluptuous body were famous features who was owned by Natalie Wood.
Natalie Wood

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