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Olga Kurylenko Bra Size and Measurements

Olga Kurylenko has a bra size of 34A and measurements of 34-24-35.
Olga Kurylenko is most famous French actress who begins her career since she was still 16 years old. The pretty actress born in Ukraine gains her popularity since she has starred some movies in 2001. Kurylenko has perfect body measurement that eases her to be a model. She had body measurement 34-24-35 inches. This ideal body measurement matches her tall figure. With small breasts, big hips and small waist, her figure is categorized into banana shaped body. Several scenes in her movies, she shows her sexy body.
Olga Kurylenko often appears topless in some movies, so we can see her small breasts clearly. Her 34 inches bust looks sexy because her flat belly makes small breasts look bigger. 34A sized bra that she wears can hold her boobs perfectly. Although her boobs are small, she is not tempted to get breast implants.The hot model and actress, Kurylenko is quite tall with height 176 cm. For proportional look, she works hard controlling her weight in normal scale. Her ideal weight is 52 kg. To make perfect her appearance, she chooses 7 shoe size and 2 dress size that suit to her slim figure. Her perfect body measurement is one of factor that boosts her popularity in modeling and acting career.
Olga Kurylenko

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