Paulina Gretzky Bra Size and Measurements

Paulina Gretzky has a bra size of 32B and measurements of 34-23.5-34.
One of American celebrities that have multi talents is Paulina Gretzky. The girl born in Los Angles on 19 December proves her great talent in entertainment by having profession as actress, pop singer and model. Recently she has just been ranked in 59 as most exiting women in Askment list. This achievement is supported by her sexy figure.
Perfect figure helps her to be successful in modeling. She has exciting body shape that belongs to banana type. Flat stomach, slim hips, and slim shoulder of Paulina Gretzky are characteristics of banana body type. Measurement 34-23.5-34 of Paulina Gretzky's body is gorgeous measurement for a model.Generally, banana shaped body is dominated with small breasts but Paulina Gretzky's breasts are not too small. Her medium sized breasts are compatible with bra size 32 B. Besides, her bust is larger than other breasts of banana type women. It leads people think that she gets plastic surgery to enlarge her breasts but in fact, this rumor is absolutely wrong. She always chooses nice shoes that fit to her 8 size feet. Being a model, she surely does not find difficulty in selecting most compatible dress size because she already has perfect body measurement. In addition, height 173 cm and weight 57 kg optimizes her beautiful and sexy appearance.
Paulina Gretzky

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