Queen Latifah Bra Size and Measurements

Queen Latifah has a bra size of 40DD and measurements of 45-43-45.
When the other actress wanted to enlarge their breast sizes, it did not happen to Queen Latifah. This woman is known as a singer, actress and model turned out to undergo the breast reduction surgery. At previous time, at least Latifah has F for her bra size and now it goes to double D. Of course she has own reasons why she chose this procedures to improve the look. One of her reasons is to relieve the pain in her back and shoulder that had been suffered by her recently years.
Latifah did not only bless a large boob size, but she also has a body measurement that could be considered big, 40 - 36 - 45. At the end, she is trying to make sure her balancing between the boob and body. As the result, she chose to reduce her weight as possible one. To be honest, this American rapper also felt uncomfortable on her boobs which were too huge, so she took the breast reduction surgery.Now, Latifah is performing more confident with her ??new boob size. For your information, this stunning woman has been took the decision of breast reduction surgery in 2003. It can be the hard way to choose as she can. She just wants to bring the confidence back and the boob size is not much full. The inconvenience is caused by her great boob size that has been over now. Latifah can enjoy work out and training the kick boxing without feels the pain again.
Queen Latifah

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