Raquel Welch Bra Size and Measurements

Raquel Welch has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-24-36.
If you are about 50 you must know Raquel Welch, but maybe she's not really well known in the past years. Well, here it is some about her. She's an actress, an American actress who own Latin blood from her parents. She's a sex goddess at the past years and became a sexy lady who own both body perfection and talent. She was born in September 1940 which is about 70 years old now and had won many awards since her first career in 1966.
Her first professional appearance was in a film Fantastic Voyage on her contract to 20th Century Fox in 1966. She was involved in One Million Years BC in the same year and Bedazzled in a year after. Since, she was at least appeared in a film once a year besides her career on radio interviews, television shows and her own books. She had been divorced four times and now, in her 70s she's been busy with her never-ending astonishing activities as a senior celebrity.Raquel Welch is a senior actress from America who has sexy body measurements. Raquel Welch is a senior actress who has large breast size. Raquel Welch measurements are 37-24-36 inches / 94-61-91 cm. Although, her waist is not slim enough Raquel looks comfort with her body size. Besides, Raquel has medium body size as a woman. Raquel height is 5'6? / 168 cm, and her weight is 118 pounds / 54 kg.
Raquel Welch

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