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Raven Symone Bra Size and Measurements

Raven Symone has a bra size of 36C and measurements of 39-28-40.
Raven looked so difference when she attended a Press Janket for ABC Family. People have already alleged that she has had breast reduction to decrease her boob size. She has natural big boob, 36C bra size is very suit to her sexy body. She looks thinner and smaller than before.
Raven has claimed that her exercise and healthy foods led her to lose the weight. She success to change her new appearance. If many actress have to look malnourished after their diet, Raven will look so sexy in her slim body. She knew when she should stop her exercise to get her dream body shaped. Actually many rumors has spread around her new bra size, it said that she has breast implants. In this case, she simply weight loss with a series of diet and extra exercise.There is the reason why Raven looked so fabulous in nowadays. Raven has revealed the secret behind her fabulous looks. She simply said in talk show of Wendy Williams that the less stress was the key. She said to public that," I stopped stressing. You have to realize at 15, there was a whole entire show I had on my shoulders. It was a very big cast and crew and if you're sick for a day, people lose money and that's a problem." Unexpectedly, her slender body shaped led many women to do the same thing like her.
Raven Symone

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