Rosie Jones Bra Size and Measurements

Rosie Jones has a bra size of 30F and measurements of 36-25-35.
Rosie Jones is an English model who has good track record throughout her career. She has perfect body measurement that are 36-25-35 inches (91-64-89 cm). It is so suitable to support her appearance in catwalk. As we know, she was endowed the big boob size that is 30F. How gorgeous she is in any low cut dresses! Rosie Jones is too young to enter the modeling industry, but her career is so successful overall.
She is just 23 years old now, so she might not undergo the breast implant. The breast implant rumors just tried to ruin her career. She completely realized this thing from some years ago. This model just kept calm and forgot that rumor to maintain her modeling job. There is no problem if anybody responds the bad side of her. Honestly, she can admit all of public opinion as patient as she can. Rosie never showed her anger related the widespread rumor.Although she is too young, she ever poses her sexy body scenes at some magazines. This model is known to pose bravely in topless or no clothes. In her 18 years old, she decided to pose in The Sun for Page 3 Girl in nude scenes. Eventually, she did not hesitate to pose without clothes at some men's magazine. It can be the real proof that she never undergone the breast implant or augmentation. Her real boob can be seen as she appeared in magazine in topless one. Who can guarantee that she has had breast implant? Nobody can say that this young girl ever underwent the boob job to attract every people. She looks sexy as just the way she is.
Rosie Jones

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