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Shannon Elizabeth Bra Size and Measurements

Shannon Elizabeth has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-25-35.
This gorgeous girl is famous for her role in American Pie that could be her outstanding acting at all. Shannon herself was not only famous as an actress, but she was a former model who did not hesitate to do the sexy pose. Even she had been a model of Playboy magazine, she appeared on the cover of Maxim magazine as well. Surely her success was supported by her attractive body shaped which are about 34C - 25 - 34.
Shannon's big boob size did not get naturally, but through the breast implants that she did not want to admit it honestly. Look at her picture histories, she was only wearing at least A cup as natural and now it has turned into a C. As the result, she performed with fuller and firm boobs which pleased to the eyes. Her boobs can be said one of her sex apple that can made all men crazy about.In American Pie, young Shannon appeared braless, she just wearing panties to show the sexiest part of her body. This is her first debut in the role, which afford to pick millions pairs of eye up look at her without blinking. It proved that many people became her lovely fans. At that time, her breast size looked so small and it seem so difference to her new boobs now. Get older may be the reason why Shannon chose breast implants to tend her performance in the limelight. At least she wants to look sexy and hot at 40 years old. If you have ever seen films Scary Movie, Amerian Pie or Thirteen Ghosts you must recognize Shanoon Elizabeth who was involved in those movies. Shanon Elizabeth Fadal's popularity is not merely due to her acting. But her perfect body enhances her to be a successful in modeling and acting. It is right that Shanoon Elizabeth has attractive figure size in 37-25-35 inches. This measurement is ideal for her profession as a model. Besides, most of people know her as sex symbol when she played American Pie in 1999. Apparently the beautiful actress had plastic surgery thus her breasts seem so large and firm.Shannon Elizabeth has pretty face and sexy body that helps her to gain success in entertainment. We can say that Shannon Elizabeth is capable to be a model since her tall body in 175 cm. her flat stomach makes perfect her appearance. Likewise other model, Shannon Elizabeth has responsibility to keep her weight in 125 lbs to be constant by adjusting her height. Large breasts and round hips of Shannon Elizabeth are most appealing factors of modeling agents to choose her as professional model. Dress size in 2 and shoe size in 8.5 are good choice for Shannon Elizabeth.
Shannon Elizabeth

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