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Susan Sarandon Bra Size and Measurements

Susan Sarandon has a bra size of 34D and measurements of 38-27-36.
Susan Sarandon may be one of actresses who revealed her breast implant to public. She did not hesitate to confess her transformation on her big boob. Her big boob was 34C, she get 34D of her bra size now. How wonderful it is! Susan was not regret to what she has undergone in the past time. Her appearance looked so young in her actual age.
Moreover, Susan Sarandon has attractive body measurements that are 34D - 27 - 36 completely. Susan also confessed to public that she undergone the plastic surgery. It's her way to tend the beautiful face. She told People Magazine about her plastic surgery that," I'm happy to be considered desirable. I love it. I've had some lips under my chin and under my eyes." She revealed it briefly in the limelight.One thing that does not revealed by Sarah at all. She did not want to confess about botox injection. This speculation has spread due to the losing wrinkles in her forehead. She just said that it was the make-up trick which her make-up artist was done. Who can believe her word as well? The aging mark disappeared in easy way like the other celebrities has done. Susan can deny around the rumor, but the fact can prove the truth one. She looks so great in her age actually. Susan can say thank to her plastic surgery result.
Susan Sarandon

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