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Valeria Lukyanova Bra Size and Measurements

Valeria Lukyanova has a bra size of 34DD and measurements of 39-18-35.
Valeria Lukyanova is a beautiful model from Ukraine who has amazing measurements. Valeria began known by many people since her face done by plastic surgery likes Barbie doll and she is a real Barbie in real life. Her career is interesting to be known, but we will discuss about her measurements here. Beside, has an amazing plastic surgery, she also has unique measurements that are 39-18-35 and breast implants that is 34DD. actually she got diet to make her body look slim like real Barbie in cartoon films.Valeria looks almost perfect when we compare with Barbie doll. She has slim waist, nice feet and large breast which are support her appearance. Her figure more perfect with her height 177cm and her weight 49kg, which is ideal size for women. Of course she will keep her body measurements for her obsession as a Barbie doll.
Valeria Lukyanova

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