Vanessa Williams Bra Size and Measurements

Vanessa Williams has a bra size of 34C and measurements of 37-27-39.
She was born on March 18, 1963 in Millwood, New York. Vanessa Williams has begun her career trough Miss America beauty pageant. Unfortunately, she have to relinquish her crown after her sexy photos has spread in the public. Many people pushed her to stop as Miss American. But it can makes her give up, but her name become more popular. moreover, God has blessed the incredible body measurements to her that are 34C - 28 - 36.
There is no rumor around her breast implant or augmentation indeed, but her plastic surgery proofs just spread from day by day. As we can summary, Vanessa has been known to undergo the nose job and botox injection. It is real? Yes, it is. Botox injection made her appearance looked younger in her age. Her face look wrinkles-free at all. It's strong fact that she underwent the botox injection to smooth her forehead.Luckily, she did not overdo to take surgical treatment. At least, we can see crow's feet around her eyes that look so natural on her face. Vanessa revealed that she did not take any surgical treatments to maintain her beautiful face. As she confessed to public that," I certainly do Botox, which I definitely think that almost every woman that I know has. And it's a miracle drug, no cutting, nothing." That is right, the botox injection work as well in her face. There looks so smooth and youthful at all. Unfortunately, some plastic surgeons accused that she has had nose job to make it narrower and thinner. Actually, her new nose looked to fit in her overall appearance.
Vanessa Williams

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