Wendy Williams Bra Size and Measurements

Wendy Williams has a bra size of 34FF and measurements of 41-30-40.
Wendy Williams is one of famous hosts in America. "The Wendy Williams Show" brings her name become famous. It is television talk show which she brought. She has won some impressive awards. This actress who graduated Northeastern University has incredible breast size that is 34FF. Can you imagine how big it is? It is unbelievable breast size.Actually her breast size is not natural. Many people believe that she got her size by breast implant. Besides, Wendy Williams also has unique body measurements with large breast, flat stomach and round hips. And of course she looks gorgeous on her appearance. In addition Wendy Williams's height is 180 and 79kr of her weight, it is really unbelievable body measurement. This actress and media personality from America has awesome body measurements with large breast. Actually, her measurements are 41-30-40 inches (104-76-102 cm). It proving us that she has incredible body with slim waist covered her amazing breast size. Her appearance looks more perfect with her tall body with her height 5'11? (180 cm) and her weight 175 lbs (79 kg). Wendy also did plastic surgery and breast implant to support her appearance.
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Wendy Williams

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